Business Spotlight

Find more local businesses in our annual BEST OF FAMILY FUN section. We asked for parents to help us compile a list of the BEST local family-friendly hotspots.

  • Business Spotlight October 2015
    30,000 Words a Day is the Magic Number
First 5 San Diego promotes the health and well-being of young children during their most critical years of development, from the prenatal stage through 5 years... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight August 2015
    Timeless Fun at San Diego’s Only Beachfront Amusement ParkGood old-fashioned family fun meets new generation thrills at Belmont Park where guests can ride the 1925 Giant Dipper Roller Coaster and th... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight July 2015
    Delicious Cold Treats Stave off Summer HeatEven in the hot sunshine of July, a Rita’s San Diego ice storm is coming to cool everyone off. They create a dazzling collection of cold treats that are an... Read More »
  • Business Spotlight June 2015
    Acting Training Translates to Life Skills at Solana Beach Theater School“Our curriculum was created to aid children ages 8–19 (and parents) who are interested in exploring the possibilities o... Read More »

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