Family Science

  • Full STEAM Ahead
    Fun, engaging STEM opportunities abound for San Diego families. Find ways to be a citizen scientist in your community, websites that make math and science fun and science opportunities just for girls.... Read More »
  • Build a Rocket
    Imagine sweeping the dust from a giant rock formation to uncover an ancient dinosaur fossil, or peering through your backyard telescope to identify a hazy comet as it streaks across the sky. Sound exc... Read More »
  • Saltwater Gummi Soak
    The kids will get a lesson about osmosis with this science experiment using gummi worms!Time: Two daysSkill Level: MediumSupplies4 gummi worms or other gummi candy3 small clear bowls, each with 1 cup ... Read More »
  • Warty Licorice
    Can you make a smooth piece of licorice grow warts? Do this science experiment with the kids to find out!Time: 5 minutesSkill level: Get a grown-upSuppliesTwizzlers licorice twists (the Pull-n-Peel va... Read More »

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